Last Post- Last Chance! - Lemon-Aid: A U2 Summer Cookout

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Sat, 1 Aug 1998 07:54:23 EDT

Lemon-Aid is only THREE weeks away! If you've been thinking about coming,
now is the time to decide. This is the last reminder we will post. Please
send in your money now so we may be able to get you your ticket on time.

Come and stare at the sun and have some fun at Lemon-Aid!

Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998

Place: Fall River, Massachusetts ....where is that, you wonder???
        ( 1 hour from Boston, 1/2 hour from Newport, RI, 1 hour from Cape Cod, 3 1/2
hours from New York City)

Time: 1:00 p.m. - ?

Events: Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Horseshoes, Wiffle Ball, Water Balloons, all
the usual summer cookout things PLUS assorted U2 based games, music and lots
of U2 chat. There will be various inexpensive prizes awarded :-)

Food: Hot dogs, hamburgers, chourico {a local Portuguese sausage }, pasta
salad, tossed salad, various chips and such. Brownies and chocolate chip bars
for dessert. Soft drinks will be served.

If this sounds like fun and we hope you think it does, all we ask is that you
help defray costs of food, beverage, ticket/tags, giveaways, etc by:
Sending $ 5.00 and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:
                        D. Souza
                            P.O. Box 9616
                        Fall River, MA 02720

In return you will receive a ticket/tag souvenir for the event and directions
to the party.
Please let us know what you might want printed on the ticket/tag such as your
name and/or e-mail address.

There are five local hotels convenient for you to stay overnight should you
need a place. A shuttle to and from the hotels can be arranged if necessary.

The Hampton Inn, Westport, MA 508-675-8500 @ $ 98.00 per night w/
continental breakfast
The Quality Inn, Swansea, MA 508-678-4545 @ $ 84-89.00 per night
The Super 8 Motor Lodge, Somerset, MA 508-678-7665 @ $ 69.99 per night
Best Western , Fall River, MA 508-672-0011 @ $ 89.00 per night
4D Motel, Somerset, MA 508-678-9071 @ 45.00 per night

Please make your own arrangements.

There are five of us planning this party. Some of us should be known to most
of you <g>. If you want to see if we are reliable ask around and you should
fine someone who knows one of us! We hope to see lots of you in August!

Donna: [email protected]
Dale: [email protected]
Sherry: [email protected]
Lynn: [email protected]
Becky: [email protected]

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