At home with my wisdom teeth out, watchin' U2 LIVE at Dodger Stadium

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 09:19:31 PDT

Since I just got all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday, my mom took me by a
video store on the way to my appointment, and I rented Under a Blood Red
Sky (which is EXCELLENT!), The Unforgettable Fire video (which is also
great!), and a video from 1992 of U2 at Dodger Stadium in L.A. I was
soooooooooo excited to get the Dodger Stadium show. However..... the
quality sucks. It REALLY sucks.

First of all, I thought this video was, like, professionally done.
Well, the title is put on there with that kind of tape you type on, then
pull off the back and it becomes a sticker. AND the cover is a picture
of Bono during the UF era. But it's a ZooTV show! Whatever. Even I
coulda made the cover and made it look more professional.

Then, I pop the video in, and at the beginning, there's a clip of the TV
show *M*A*S*H* that they forgot to tape over, then a clip of an ad for
90210 and Melrose Place. What the.....?!?

So the concert finally comes on (with the beginning cut from it. No
Zooropa!), and it looks like someone in the audience taped it with their
handycam from some shitty seats. The sound is OK. That's why I'm still
watchin' it. But really, it's just like a terrible version of the
Sydney ZooTV video. And I mean terrible! I'm bummed. Ya can barely
see Edge, Bono, and Adam, and ya can't even see poor Larry! They're ALL
a blur. Can barely see the big TVs, too. *Everything* is a total blur.

I'm real sorry. I thought this was gonna be soooooooooo much better. I
had know clue it would turn out so shitty! And I know some of ya fellow
Wirelings wanted a copy, too. Those of you can e-mail me, and let me
know what you think. You may still want a copy. I don't know. But as
for me? I think the video sucks arse. Sorry! :(


P.S. If you still *do* want a copy, I can't do it now. I'd have to
wait until my momma's outta town or somethin'. She'd be quite
suspicious if I was tapin' the Dodger Stadium show 5 or 6 times, know
what I mean??? She's not really into me doin' business over the

P.P.S. Is it legal for a video store to have this tape, and rent it

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