So. Cal. Wirelings, the B-52s, and my least favorite U2 songs......

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 21:55:47 PDT

HEY! Are there any Wirelings in Southern California that are goin' to
the B-52s' concert this Wednesday, August 5, 1998, at the Universal
Ampitheater????? I'M GOIN', BAAAAAAAABY! I'm gonna dress all funky!
Doin' my hair in a bee-hive and wearin' my go-go boots! WOOOOOOO WEE!
I'm just hopin' that some Wire people are goin'. It would be great to
see one or two of you..... Before the concert, we're goin' to City
Walk and goin' to the Hard Rock Cafe! :) I'm excited! But....
well.... not as much as I would be if it were *U2* in concert.... of

Alright. Now the U2 content. I was thinkin' about how much I've
changed. Looooooooong ago, I posted my least favorite U2 songs. I said
"Numb," "Elvis and America," and sometimes "I Still Haven't Found What
I'm Lookin' For." WHAT WAS I THINKIN'?!? I now realize that I
loooooooove ALL U2 songs. All of `em. It all depends on my mood,
really. I'm now totally lovin' "Elvis," and "Numb" is great every once
and a while. "ISHFWILF" will always be a classic. Ya know, someday I
may not wanna hear "Bullet the Blue Sky" at all. Then, the very next
day, "Bullet the Blue Sky" is ALL I wanna hear. Catch my drift?
Somedays, I may feel like certain songs, but I'll always love AAAAAALL
U2 songs. I got no stinkin' "least favorites" anymore.

See ya!
Nikki :)

P.S. I agree with Slicer. "Trip Through Your Wires" is an EXCELLENT
song! I LOVE IT! Especially when Bono sings, "Yooooooooou! I'm
waitin' for yoooooooou! YOOOOOOOOOOOOU! You set my DESIRRRRRRRE! I
trip through your wires!" YEEEEEEEEE HAW! I think it's great.

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