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Greetings! I just signed onto this list I've been a U2 fan since a
local radio station started playing "I Will Follow" in late 1981. It
knocked my socks off big time. I'd never heard that kind of
expressiveness or intensity in a rock group. Because I live in a
smallish market (Birmingham, Alabama, in the States) I couldn't find an
album of theirs until 1983, when I bought my first U2 album, Under a
Blood Red Sky. I've seen U2 live three times. One of these experiences
happened when my mother and I drove to Atlanta to catch the show during
the Joshua Tree tour. My mother went to a movie and I went to the show.
Well, have you ever tried to sit still during a U2 Concert??!! :-) It
was December, and I got out of there sweating off of the adrenaline. My
mother was shocked. I looked like I'd just finished an aerobics workout!
! :-) It's been a total blast following their careers. I don't agree
with the people who didn't lke "Achtung Baby"; life is all about change.
Also, Bono felt pigeonholed I don't blame him! My favorite U2 songs are
"Even Better than the Real Thing", "Mysterious Ways", "Surrender",
"Pride (in the Name of Love) ","I Will Follow" and "Where the Streets
Have No Name". Talk to you all soon!


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