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Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me" Single(features Bono amongst others) released
August 1998.
CONFIRMED: U2 "POPMart" DVD/VHS October 12, 1998 NA/
September 28, 1998 EUR. (confirmed through MuchMusic, HMV, two separate
other sources)
RUMOUR : U2 New Album(Title To Be Announced) late 1998/early 1999
(Please note that this is *NOT* the "Rather Go Blind" rumour)

Concerts/Live Events:
CONFIRMED: Catherine Owens will sneak preview(?) footage of the
POPMart "movie" at the Ross Bandstand during the Edinburgh Festivals
during August 8-30 1998, in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can find more
information about Ms. Owens at:
RUMOUR: U2 at Flaming Lips Concert Experience, date to be announced.

Television/Radio Events:
VH1: Is working on a U2 special. Airdate TBA.

Net Events:
The U2-Internet Amnesty International Fundraiser site is
Vote for U2 at DotMusic's Top Albums of All Time (AB is #3, JT is #16)
Vote for U2 under "Juiciest Boy Group" at
(Don't ask me...I didn't make up the category name...)

Fan Club/WIRE/U2 nutzoid meetings:
Lemon-Aid: A U2 Summer Cookout, August 22, Fall River,
Massachusetts. Email [email protected] for more information
A SORT OF HOMECOMING, August 28-30, Las Vegas, NV
Email [email protected] for more information.
Wire Gathering in Kansas, September.
Email [email protected] for more information. You can also check out

NEWS dates:
U2 tickets fuel actors future added July 31
WIRE post/New Album Info(RUMOUR) added July 31
New Album Rumour from ZooNation added July 31
VH1's Sexiest Man in R&R is...? added July 30
Bono in Franklin video added July 30
B.B King Dublin concert review--no Bono added July 30
Tom Waits leaves Island Records added July 29
Real Life Lara Croft Decided...<groan> added July 29
Australian paper taken by Drive rumour added July 29
Advertisements start today added July 29
Bono in Cosmopolitan Magazine added July 28
Orange release added July 28
More Bono-cise added July 27
Bono to appear on Kirk Franklin release in August added July 27
More on Hutch Life Tribute concert added July 27
POPMart Video release confirmation added July 27
Paramount to start releasing DVDs added July 27
Volume: Spice Girls break Stones' and U2's record added July 26
Catherine Owens to sneak preview "POPMart" movie added July 26
Bono kicked out of pub added July 25
Condensed from The Irish Times:

Long way from Clare to here

Jimmy Smallhorne, director of 2by4, a dizzying
account of drug-fuelled sexual excess on Irish
building sites in New York, talks to Hugh Linehan

Jimmy Smallhorne has been living in America since 1990, when
he decided to take up his Donnelly visa. "I sold two U2 tickets
for 400 quid, and that paid for the flight. I borrowed another
100 quid and headed off. I was just sick of living here. I
wanted to get to New York, I wanted to get laid and become
an actor. Dublin was so stifling. When I got there I worked in
construction for a couple of years, and sold soda bread in flea
markets. Then I got a lucky break - I met a guy on the subway,
got a part in a play, and I've been acting ever since."

>From a post on WIRE:

i have recently left school and got a part time job so i can go to
university in September.

Heres the good part, i am a part time cleaner at Windmill Lane Studios
(can you believe that).

i have heard all the rumours about the new album and stuff like that but
i didnt believe it because i thought they were taking a year off after
the tour.. Well i saw Larry and Adam at the studio this morning shortly
followed by Bono and Edge about 30 minutes later. I got kind of excited
as you might, but my supervisor told me not to address the band in any

So i go home all hiped up and excited, i return to do my evening shift
and i am about to finish around 11 o,clock well i see the boys leave
through one of the windows, so i put my head phones on and start to
wonder with my mop and i came across what looked like a huge meeting
room on the desk there were piles and piles of paper with scrappy
writing all over (song lyrics) at the back of the room was a board with
writing on it names of songs that i cant remember them all one was
called Fear and i think one was called lost heart. But the thing i do
remember is the title of the album...............

here goes


>From Zoonation.

"Don't let the bastards grind you down"


Our anonymous "insider" has sent us more information on U2's current studio
doings. Heres the latest information. Please keep in mind that this is all
unconfirmed information and U2's publicist's have only said "No Comment".
The following is direct from the Email we received. The email address is
kept anonymous.

I've been told that Lillywhite, Eno, and Lanois have all been in the studio
and worked with U2, as of yet there is not a "true" producer, however.
Edge has also been plugging away on the soundboards and Flood is,
supposedly, not involved.

A few of the songs are taking shape and that at least one is considered
being "finished" by the band. Fortunately I was able to listen to snippets
of two songs, the titles are not set yet, even the current names are
sketchy. All I can say is that the tracks sound very interesting, it does
seem as if a whole new direction is being taken but more towards a
"grassroots" type of rock. The music is still big but is very minimalistic.
 Apparently the band is staying away from heavy aftereffects on the tracks.
 The themes of the songs also are straying away from the "fidelity" and
spiritual issues of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and POP. Lyrics that I've heard
(very few) indicate a return to the poetic and illustrative means that Bono
used on The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree albums.

If this information is correct, this all seems to be happening very fast.
Our biggest question at ZooNation is why Island hasnt geared up a marketing
campaign, ala the year preparation before the POP album.

Others at ZooNation bring up the point that maybe this information were
receiving is a start of such a campaign. While others believe it to be a
hoax... We'll see. As always keep watching here for the latest on this
VH1 chose their Sexiest Men in Rock & Roll: Number One was
Jakob Dylan from The WallFlowers, and Number Two was recently
outted George Micheal. U2, collectively were chosen as Number Six.

July 30, 1998
Churches have friend in Franklin

     Gospel giant Kirk Franklin hopes the presence of U2's Bono, Mary J.
Blige and R. Kelly on his upcoming benefit song "will get the message of
Jesus Christ through to people who have been turned off by that message in
the past," he says.
     Lean on Me, a swelling inspirational ballad that also showcases
Christian singer Crystal Lewis and Franklin's group The Family, goes to
radio in mid-August, a week after the release of a star-studded video that
could broaden the song's reach.
     "The mainstream closes its ears to religious messages because of the
hypocrisy they've been exposed to," Franklin says. "The junk they hear in
the media about the Army of God throwing a bomb or (religious leaders)
caught doing immoral things does not represent how the majority of
religious people feel."
     Lean on Me is included on Franklin's The Nu Nation Project, due Sept.
22 on Gospo Centric/Interscope. He and the label will contribute $ 250,000
of album proceeds to the Burned Churches Fund, established to rebuild
churches and synagogues torched in recent years.
     "I've been in black churches all my life," says Franklin, who produced
the 1997 God's Property, the best-selling gospel album ever. "I'd be stupid
not to help out. Those churches are
a part of me."

Thanks to Teresa(in Richmond) for this.
Condensed from The Irish Times:

B.B. King, Point Theatre

By Tony Clayton-Lea

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of B. B. King fan: to
blues buffs he's the avuncular, rotund man who has written the
textbook on postwar electric blues, the big guy in the shiny jacket
who is as much a masterful guitarist as he is a wise-cracking
entertainer. To contemporary rock fans, he's the elderly
bluesman who stole U2's When Love Comes To Town and
refused to give it back to them. At The Point on Monday night,
there was a healthy mixture of fan types and age groups, the
blues crossover writ large.

The entire article can be found at:

Tom Waits has announced his intention to leave Island Records
at the end of the month and has signed with Epitaph. Waits says, "
It feels much more like a partnership than a plantation. I feel like
I am part of a unique enterprise that runs like a muscle car."
Okay, it's been decided. The star of the expected Tomb Raider
movie will be....Demi Moore.

(Prarit's note: I will let you all know when I stop puking... FYI, Lara
Croft's image was used during the first part of the POPMart tour)
(Prarit's note: Zoonation's report of "Drive" was not confirmed by
any source. Keep in mind that the below is RUMOUR.)

>From Sydney Morning Herald:

"Traditionally the busiest time of the year for record companies, the
next six months see some of the biggest guns in the music world
aiming for your wallets. Here's your guide to what's coming to
rock your world.


Title - Drive (tba)

Due - December (tba)

Brief - There's still no confirmation of exactly what U2 are up to.
There was talk of a Rattle & Hum style live and studio assortment
called Rather Go Blind. The latest rumour is a project called Drive,
said to be a mix of War and The Unforgettable Fire with the band
steering away from their recent flirtations with technology.
"Even the band don't know what direction it will take," a
spokesperson says.

Intended market - Those who found Pop flat."
Okay, I've put ADVERTISEMENTS up today. Many of you voted
to allow me to put them up on the page...If anyone thinks they're
too obtrusive, let me know--just EMAIL me...
Bono is mentioned in this month's Cosmopolitan magazine, in an
article by Jennifer Young who talks about celebrity guys that she's
hung out with. There's a nice picture of him from about '92-'93...

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