Re: Third Eye Blind are fans of U2!!

Melissa Rae Pruitt ([email protected])
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 19:49:04 -0400

Hey Wire!

I just read Sarah's post and couldn't help but post myself. Most of the
people out there in Wireworld know that I got to bellydance onstage for
U2 at the Tampa Popmart! Sarah, and all other wirelings who were at
either the Greensboro or Charlotte 3eb shows and enjoyed watching the
bellydancer, I thought you'd like to know that it was me up there
dancing for 3eb, just like I did for U2!!:) The first nite was
Greensboro, and lead-singer Stephan Jenkins asked me to bellydance for
the show as I had done for U2. It also happened to be drummer Brad
Hargreaves 27th b-day, and Stephan told me to write "HAPPY B-DAY BRAD!"
across my belly and go out and dance during "Graduate." Needless to say
as I danced on to the stage on that hot summer nite, totally surprising
Brad for his b-day, and had that written on my belly, I remembered the
story of Morleigh dancing for Edge's b-day in Helsinki and couldn't help
but get a completly happy buzz off of the whole scenario!:) Not to
mention those were my 14th and 15th 3eb shows and I'm a totally
dedicated fan of theirs as well as U2's, so you can just imagine how
happy I am about the whole thing! And if there was ever any doubt that
Stephan has a MAJOR Bono complex, let that be put to rest once and for
all...he's as much of a fan of the B-man's as any Wireling ever was!

If anyone wants to e-mail me, PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE, DO NOT e-mail me
at this address because it won't exist past tonight.
Instead for the time-being e-mail me at [email protected]

Melissa (Tampa Bellydancer)

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