Re: Hawkmoon 269 (live)

Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 20:57:01 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 02 Jul 1998, [email protected] wrote:

>Actually, they played it pretty rarely that tour..
>They didn't do it at *any* of the Dublin shows
>around Christmas/New Years...
>And I've only seen it on one bootleg, the amsterdam one...
>I'm not sure of any other performances of it,
>but I haven't found it on any lovetown boots besides
>the one...

.....?? I'm _sure_ I heard it live more than once during the Love Town
tour (saw 6 shows in Europe that year). OK, that does it--no more
caffeine after 6 p.m., at least while going to multiple U2 shows! ;-)

I'm quite certain that it was played live in Australia at some point on
the tour, though, since it does get played in the Love Town documentary
filmed that year.


Elizabeth Platt
[email protected]

>>They played "Hawkmoon" at just about ever show on the "Love Town" tour
>>(1989). In fact, Amsterdam was about their worst show on that tour (if
>>anyone wants all the gory details, let me know...) Any good-quality tape
>>of a Love Town show should have it...

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