Re: Chicagoans go to IMAX!!!!

[email protected]
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 02:45:34 EDT

If you are in Chicago this week, definitely go!

I thought the projection of Rattle and Hum on a really big screen would be the
main reason to see this on IMAX, but it's not. It's the SOUND, which is
absolutely incredible.

I've listened to the film at home on decent headphones, and there is no
comparison. The whole sound spectrum, from the highest cymbal crashes, down to
the booming bass drum, is loud, crisp and crystal clear. And there is
something wonderful about U2 music filling all that airspace in the theater.

The picture was actually a little diappointing, as it doesn't come close to
filling the IMAX screen (I know IMAX and Hollywood films have different aspect
ratios, but I still expected it to be bigger). Plus the whole movie was shown
slightly out of focus. But that seems to be the standard at any Cineplex Odeon
theater these days.

Still, it's fantastic to see R&H on a big screen again. The next best thing to
an actual concert. :o)

The showings are at the Navy Pier IMAX at 10pm. Probably until Thursday.



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