Re: San Antonio boots!!!

Katrina Daniels ([email protected])
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 17:22:50 -0500

Howdy Wire!

I've seen several (as in about 3) versions of this boot for sale on the
web, but I'm pretty sure all of them come from the same source -- Martin
Stieglmayer from Austria. (You guys are lucky! I sold him his floor
ticket! That's kind of my part in U2 bootleg history.)

Anyway, they all come from the same source. Just some have been -- what's
the word -- touched up / remastered / whatever.

But if anyone finds another version (not coming from Martin's tapes),
please let me know! (And I would absolutely KILL for a video bootleg of
that show!)

I'm kind of surprised not as many people are asking for this show b/c it's
the first show after Bono finds out about Micheal Hutchence's death, and he
gets pretty emotional. Plus, there are several songs that U2 performs
*excellently* (i.e. New Years Day).

Anywho, TTFN,


P.S. If anyone wants a copy of the San Antonio boot, just email me. (I
just ask for two blank tapes and $3 for shipping -- in the U.S.)


email: [email protected]

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