re:WOWY Shining Stars Question

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Mon, 3 Aug 1998 18:56:38 EDT

>Hello everybody,
> I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows when Bono sang the
>extra "shining stars" verse for WOWY on PopMart. I know that he sang it
>second night in Toronto b/c I was there. If you were at a show, or know of
>a show where he sang it, could you e-mail me please. Also, has Bono ever
>sang REM's "Everybody Hurts" other than the first Toronto PopMart show?
>  matt

Yeah he did the extra verses at the second Foxboro POP, but he changed the
wrods a bit

"Yeah we'll shine like stars in the summer night
 In the wind and the rain we'll be alright
one heart one hope one love"

The also did it at the third Zoo show at Foxboro, I was fortunate to have
heard it then, IT was my first show and they did it

*POP for Peace*

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