U2 helps get my head out of the mud, baby

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:25:48 PDT

Ya know what's amazing to me? U2 is really great therapy! REALLY! Let
me share a little somethin' with ya....

When I was on a road trip with my parents about a month ago, I was
havin' a real hard time. I was the moodiest Mofo of them all. I don't
know *what* I was goin' through, but I was confused, angry, sad, just a
total emotional weirdo! I couldn't organize my thoughts. And I knew it
was ME. I wasn't puttin' the blame on anyone else, so that was good. I
just couldn't figure MYSELF out! Oy vey, I was so confused. Anyway, we
were drivin' across California, and I was so sick of being cooped up in
the car with my lame, annoying stepdad and my mom. All I had was my
discman. Then.... as I put in a U2 CD, and slipped the headphones over
my ears ............. BAM!!!!!!

It hit me.

I felt peace.

I was calm. I was cool. I was collected. I could think straight.

We drove across California, through gorgeous places and scenery. I had
"Heartland" on and it was beautiful. The song "Zooropa" sounded so
amazing. "Bad" and "Stay" were incredible, too. "Where the Streets
Have No Name!" That one made me feel like bursting out, singing at the
top of my lungs, to get some of the built up emotions out (and had I
been alone, I woulda done this). Well, I probably listened to *every*
U2 song on that trip, and you don't know how *great* I felt! (Actually,
maybe many of you DO know!) Every single song made me feel so ALIVE!
And they made me think. Made me look at myself. Look at the way I was
acting, and how I was treating my parents, who do so much for me. I
love them so much! And then here I was, acting like an ungrateful
little child, pouting in the backseat! I apoligized to them. And I
felt so much better. I felt like a new person. I felt more at peace
and happier with myself and others.

U2 seriously helps me. When I'm feelin' low or confused, that music is
like therapy. It gets my thoughts together. Their music wacks me in
IT!" Seriously! This is how I feel. This is how U2 makes me feel.
Call me crazy, but.... whenever I *do* feel like I'm goin' crazy, U2
helps me keep my sanity. They make me feel good. REALLY good.

Sorry if I rambled too long!


P.S. LOL Hope y'all don't think I'm a mega-moody-bitch because of this.
Afterall, it was just *one of those days*. And some days are defenitely
better than others! :)

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