Achtung Baby singles

Asko Lammentausta ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 11:50:25 +0300 (EET DST)

Hey you all!!!
I loaned some U2 singles the other day, only Pop and AB ones
and I have EBTTRT & WGRYWH with covers that match boys
in the Trabant). I was wondering if the original
pressings of The Fly and Mysterious Ways did match
the two singles too, so there'd be a 4-part collage!!

EBTTRT is an US version and WGRYWH an European, I think.
What single has Can't Help Falling In Love and the remix
since it's not on these ones. Maybe it'll help
if I include the tracklist:
WGRYWH: (temple bar edit) / Paint It Black / Fortunate Son / (remix)
EBTTRT: EBTTRT / Salome / Where did it all go wrong / Lady with.. (remix)
The Fly: The Fly / Alex-korova 1 / (remix)
MW: MW / (4 remixes)
One: One / Lady with.. / Satellite / N&D (remix)

I was listening to EBTTRT single the other day
and I noticed that the version on the single is a different
mix of the album version!! During the solo there's
a rattle on the right? channel, some backwards noise
louder than on album and to the end of solo a guitar
comes up that isn't at all on the album. At the end there's more
background noise and no rattle at the very end!!!
Is it the same thing on the other singles, or just this?
I'd like to know has anyone else noticed this too.
Also I noticed that the version of Salome
has the exact same guitar solo as on Salome Outtakes!!
Disc 1, track 8 or 9. It sounds the same take,
not the same solo played again! I'm not sure about WDIAGW,
I don't like the song. She's Gonna Turn Your Head Around
would have been a much better selection.

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                        ~Mde * [email protected]

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