Re: new album facts or rumors?

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:40:57 -0400

Jeff posted the following note from Chenna:
>Jeff i have just been reading wire from over the weekend and i think i
>am getting flamed however, what somebody said about my job is actually
>true all part time staff and otherwise were all talked to severly and
>was told that the leek would be sacked.

*I* am the person who discussed your job security. If you
are telling the truth, then I think it's only a matter of time before
you are caught and dismissed. Any company would be rather
irate if the people doing maintenance suddenly took
old notes and revealed them to the public! The competition
would have an edge (no pun intended) and you are betraying
the trust of your employers. Additionally, if you are telling the truth,
then you should know that members of U2 have admitted
to reading WIRE (Edge in particular and to a much lesser extent Bono)
as well as various members in U2's management. How
much U2's staff gleans from WIRE or cares about what is posted
is unknown. However, if all that you write is true, then it won't
be very difficult for U2 and their staff to figure out who is betraying
their trust.

Second, I don't think people are flaming you, per se, Chenna.
It's just that you have no way to actually prove your story.
After all, it is a little *too* convenient for a U2 fan to suddenly
obtain a job at Windmill Lanes studio. If the situation were
reversed and I stated that I obtained a position at the
very studio where U2 are writing/recording songs for their
next album, I'm sure you too would be dubious.

Furthermore, if this is all a hoax, you are in an ideal
situation. You can always claim that you were "fired"
in order to rationalize any "incorrect" information you revealed
which later turned proved to be wrong. For example,
you could state that since the time you were "fired", U2 must have
changed all the titles which is why the titles you gave us were wrong.
These "claims" will allow you to "cover your tracks"
and potentially negate some of the flames you would receive.
This in turn would allow you to continue fooling WIRE.

While we don't mean to hurt your feelings, especially
if you are telling the truth, WIRE has been besieged in
the past with faux claims. What happened prior
to "POP" is now happening again. People are claiming
to have heard some songs; others have seen lyrics,
others have song titles; others have album titles; others
have .wav files; etc. With the exception of Martin's (from
Hungary) now infamous .wav files of "Discotheque"
and "Wake Up Dead Man", 99% of the remaining information
posted about "POP" (prior to any "official" announcements)
proved to be wrong. People fabricated track-lists and .wav
files. It appears a lot of people enjoy making fools out of WIRE.

>The album is 13 tracks long and some of the songs have long titles one
>is "If we had sex now it would be so right". This sounds like it will
>be a good song as i like the ones dealing with a sexual side to life.

If this is true, I think this is the worst song title I have
ever heard in my life. The song may be great, but that title

Anyway, getting back to your credibility. Chenna,
unfortunately the only way that you can REALLY prove
yourself is to do possibly the most difficult thing - namely
obtain a snippet of U2 recording. You could convert
this to a .wav file and place it on a web site for all to
hear. If it turns out that this .wav file sounds "real", then
we would be willing to believe you. Unfortunately, you
will probably be fired for doing this. If you are truthful,
then either accept our doubts and continue to post what
you see and hear or take the biggest risk possible.



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