Saw SAVAGE GARDEN (DIAGNOSIS: U2 imposter syndrome)

Nadia Forlini ([email protected])
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 12:35:25 PDT

hey wirelings,
i went to see SAVAGE GARDEN in Montreal last night since my friend is
totally obsessed w/ them. it was general admission, so we were right in
the front against the gate (center). there were mirror balls (disco
balls) of all types of sizes all over the stage! the singer had a really
bad imitation of bono's glasses and tried to dance like him through-out
the show. remember at the end of PLEASE bono does that screaming thing
with the microphone? well, the singer of savage garden did the exact
same thing at the end of BRAKE ME, SHAKE ME! then at the end of I WANT
YOU he screamed "no one tells me NO!" and he would scream NO and then
point the microphone to the crowd and he did it 3 or 4 times. strangely,
just like bono did when he performed MOFO at the MTV EUROPE AWARDS! at
one point he even came out with a white satin robe, sound familiar??? he
kept on puting one leg up and hopping on the other foot like bono did
during popmart. then the blond guy who's on the cover of the album (i
don't know his name) began introducing the band members and when he got
to the guitarist he said, " and this is ------ (sorry, forgot his name
too), the new Edge of the next millenium!" i'm pretty sure i heard that,
because my friend heard the same. that's insulting!!! no one can ever
replace EDGE!
IMHO they were trying too hard to be like U2 which was very noticable to
anybody who has seen popmart or even a video from pop!
after billy myers (the opening act) they had music on and guess what? it
was all u2!!!!!!!!!! the played the various remixes of
DISCOTEQUE(spelling???) and mofo and pop musik! come one! how obsessed
are these guys?! (not that i minded hearing u2, infact i enjoyed it!)
i know this has been mentioned on wire before but i had to give my 0.02$
since it really upset me.
let me know what you think, e-mail me or post it on wire. has anybody
else seen the concert?

hugs, nadia

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