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Hi des...hrmmm...

I *believe* Nicholson did not get the mansion--I may be wrong, but...

Posted July 14, 1998, in U2news:

Condensed from The Irish Times:

Sorrento House bought by Irish-born tycoon

By Orna Mulcahy

It wasn't Jack Nicholson, it wasn't George Michael, and it wasn't
U2. No, the person who paid £5.9 million for Sorrento House in
Dalkey is Terry Coleman, a 54-year-old car alarm and mobile
phone multi-millionaire based in the UK. There were two bidders
during the nail-biting auction on June 30th. Mr Coleman was
pushed all the way to £5.9 million by another very determined
bidder, the chairman of Allied Irish Bank, Mr Lochlann Quinn,
brother of Labour Party leader, Mr Ruairķ Quinn.

Mr Coleman is an Irish-born businessman who spends most
weekends in Ireland. He was impressed by Sorrento House, not
just because of the view, but because of the 1.5-acre gardens,
which provide more than enough space for a heli-pad.


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