ABC ads/ZooTV slogans

Queen Bee ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 14:15:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hey all,

Whilst I was riding home on the bus today, a thought occured to me (as
thoughts are wont to do now and again.) ABC has a bunch of signs and
billboards and the like to promote their programming. However,
instead of featuring specific shows, etc, they make sort of
tongue-in-cheek remarks about TV in general. The ones I've seen say
"If television is so bad for you why is there a TV in every hospital
room?," "Gives motel owners something to brag about," and "TV: the
entertainment capital of your home." For some reason these slogans
seem a little bit ZooTV-esque to me. I guess I keep waiting for them
to come right out and say, "Watch more TV!" Plus, the tone of the
messages has that same ambiguous nature where you're almost not sure
whether this is really a thought-provoking truism or a playup to the
voice that contradicts your traditional values, sort of a devil's
advocate thing, for lack of a better term. Has anyone else noticed

Desperately needing a hobby...<g>

Queen Bee w (V)
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