Re: Northern Ireland controversy + groupies

SILVINA ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 98 18:46:45 PDT

Hi folks!
I'm coming out of my quiet mood to agree with Robbie on this one. I believe
it makes Wire interesting to discuss about U2 related issues. No one can
deny Northen Ireland problems are related to U2, I remember Bono once saying
that although bombs didn't blow off in Dublin, well, some were actually
built there. My point is I enjoy those posts. Maybe they should be shorter,
or maybe a new mailing list should be created for them, but I'd rather skip
the parts that do not interest me than deprive Wire of some serious
discussion. I know many of you are not here for that, but I guess we all
have things to put up with, we cannot please everyone at the same time.

On another note, have you ever felt look down upon by other people your age
(or maybe a little bit older) for being sort of a "groupy". Apparently
people around me tend to think that loving a band and maturity (i.e
responsible adulthood) are opposites. They looked at me (even say to me)
."U2? Hey, I though you've already grown out of it"...If you are a ballet
fan, or an Opera fan it's OK, but if you're a rock'n roll fan...oh, well,
that's another story...

See you around,
Silvina ---->bitchin' about life today

"You'll never know what it feels to be so close and be denied..."
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