Daily tally/Auction Items are listed!!

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 18:37:00 -0400

 Received today -

- Chrissy Hyde - $10.00 (thanks!!:)
-Emily Pimentel - $40.00 (thank you!!)

Brand new, just-listed AI Auction items!! - (a credit card is a wonderful

U2- Rock's Hottest Ticket CD-R - Donated by Anne Stumpe

U2- Dancing Zoo TV CD-R - Donated by Anne Stumpe

U2- ZOO Europa CD-R - Donated by Anne Stumpe

U2- Meximofo CD-R - Donated by Anne Stumpe

U2- POP Promo Condoms - Donated By Nico (Were you one of the many to be
outbid for these last week? Here's another chance!!)

U2- POP Promo Poster - Donated by Nico

U2 Island Treasures CD - Donated by Maggie Huber

Go on, now: what are you waiting for?? BID...BID!! :-)

Don't know what I'm going on about? Click on the link in my .sig!


PS - For God's sake, please do check the expiration date on the condoms
before using! :-)

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