Francois K. and Matthew Roberts

yohan ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 18:12:43 -0700 (PDT)

You'll have to excuse me for posting again on the same topic, but I thought
I should add something that I just realized...

In my previous message (see "Francois K. - you know, that remix guy."), I
didn't include the entire sentence of what was printed on the back of the
Lighthouse Family single. The complete sentence reads as follows:

"Also available on a second CD format which features High remixes by
Francois K., Matthew Roberts & Kevin Saunderson."

I had immediately associated Francois K. with the Francois Kevorkian who did
those remixes of "New Year's Day" and "Two Hearts Beat As One" way back
when. But I didn't know why the name Matthew Roberts sounded so familiar
until just now when I realized that he's the guy who did the "Phunk Phorce"
and "Black Hole Dub" mixes of "Mofo."

So whaddya know - 2 connections between U2 and Lighthouse Family. Odd, eh?


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