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Ok please be patient with me......this will be long.

1) I LOVE WIRE! WOOHOO! IMHO wire hasnt "turned bad"....its just
downtime. What do we expect? With the whole NI (northern ireland BTW)
thing, I actually think this is a good opertunity to both learn and
express ourselves about this issue. Then when U2 release an album well
go back to that lol. Really the posts arent _that_ big a deal. After
spending so much time using our 'puters anyways I feel our index fingers
are quite capable of holding up under the strain of scrolling past the
posts for 10 secs (if that is our desire).

2) I am so sick of hearing how Savage Garden "copy" U2. GET OVER IT!
Jaysus. The way some of you guys carry on you'd think U2 _invented_
music. News Flash!! Id *love* to hear U2 music at a non U2 concert. I
love to hear U2 on the radio. I love the letter "U" and the number "2".
But I dont love bands (well one band) being slagged off for doing what
U2 did 10 years ago (R&H).

>"the new Edge of the next millenium!"

OH MY GOD! Savage Garden know Edges name! *GASP!* lol ok maybe I just
dont see the prob. Since we all know Darren....or Daniel (one of those
two) ISNT the next Edge, and since Im quite sure Edge isnt shaking in
his (leatherman??) boots lets just let it go. I posted about this ages

John said:
>After all, you're a fan of one of the most respected, talented and
>inspirational bands in rock music!


3) Silvina said (well technicaly it was said to her/him):
>"U2? Hey, I though you've already grown out of it"

  I HATE having that said to me. Im only 19 so its not like Im
*supposed* to be a mature adult yet.....but sheesh when ppl say "Oh, I
thought you'd get over _that_" and "U2, hey? Who'll it be tomorrow when
you lose interest?". Just my $0.02

4) Jason said:
>But at the same time, remember that "they" are artists, and as
>interesting as the individuals may be, it is the ART with which we
>were originally seduced, and it should only be the art with which we
>continue to carry on this torrid love affair...

  Art comes from within. It is the culmination of mind and soul (does
that make sense?). Without the artist there is no art. New criticism (I
could have the term wrong) was the theory that art should be studied
_WITH_ background info on the atrists. I did my HSC last year (last year
of high school) and literature (admittedly U2 dont write literature per
se, but hey songs can be read as poetry) is studied with the writers
lifestyles, idiosyncrasies (did I spell that right??) and backgrounds to
give us a fuller appreciation of the works higher meaning.

   Its exactly the same with U2, IMHO. For example without knowing that
U2 were a band that did massive long tours, and that Bono has to shield
himself in a way (macphisto etc) from the media.....Achtung Baby becomes
less an album about a man leaving home to "throw his arms arounbd the
world" and his journey home again, and more about oral sex. That really
oversimplifies it but Im trying to keep this short.

  The idea that we lose sight of the "art" is ridiculous. How can I when
it confronts me every single time I press "play" on my cd player? (Even
if Im not sure which album is going to play.....its *always* U2) How can
we forget when we spend our days (and our nights hehehe) with that one
U2 song lyric that _wont_ go away? How can we forget something that
gives us the ultimate in pleasure (welllllll maybe not the
_ultimate_.....*lol*)? No matter how beautiful I think Adam is......hell
always be better playing that bass.

5) Ok can someone send me the URLs or email addys of _other_ *gasp!* U2
mailing lists. Except EXIT.....even if they asked I wouldnt join.
Personal freedom means something to me. Anyways Im interested in
"One".......and any others floating out there.

6) On the subject of "gimmes" (as in gimme info)........does anyone know
where I can get the album fonts? "Unfor. Fire" and "Pop" in
particular...... I have that grunge font and it is the most
**IMPRACTICAL** font Ive ever seen. Heheheheheh I swear if it wasnt

7) Visit my page! No waiting for 24 hours! Its available now! Oh oh oh
and the first 25 people to sign the guestbook *wont* be getting U2
goodie bags. Lol. http://members.tripod.com/~U2_rocks/U2.html. Ok so you
wont have to wait but I *am* remodeling it so its a bit messy......but
everything works.

8)It's A Musical Journey! (Cant help myself).

9) Ok so there wasnt really an 8 or 9.

Longwinded? Me??

"How many spoons have you got now Adam?"
"Nine. Without my spoons I'd go insane."
(Wihtout my Adam I'd go insane)
P.S. Sorry about the spelling.

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