U2 ZooTV DVD promo on Usual Suspects DVD

Daniel J Downing ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 23:54:11 -0500

Attention Wirelings,

        I received a DVD player as a wedding present. A friend let me borrow his
Usual Suspects DVD. Which by the way is an excellent DVD. I was watching
the Polygtram promo clip that comes on the DVD and there is a twenty second
promo for U2, Live in Sydney. Of course the promo says it was coming soon.
 The promo is almost a year old. I did some looking and found out that
Polygram has been saying it will release U2 on DVD for almost a year, but
they keep sliding back the release date.

        I have done some looking on DVD sites on the internet and have found
several sites that say that it is going to be released, but nobody knows
when. A couple sites will actually let you preorder the DVD and they will
send it to you the day it is released.

        I also found a site that lists all DVD release dates in order of their
schedualed release date. The DVD titles that haven't been schedualed but
are officially planned to be released are listed at the bottom. U2's ZooTV
DVD is on that list as an offical release without a date. I have yet to
see a POPMART date.

        So here is what I am proposing. Unless the official word specifically
states that the U2 DVD that is going to be released in the Fall, or Spring
if you live in Austraila, Africa, South America, or Antartica, is Mexico
City POPMART, which I don't think Polygram has officially said that, then
the release is probably not going to be POPMART but is going to be ZooTV,
U2 Live in Sydney, unless, of course, they are scrapping the ZooTV DVD and
replacing it with a POPMART DVD

        Now, most my information is from sites claiming to have official
information, I could be wrong. The only official information I have seen
is what I saw on the Usual Suspect DVD.

        My personnel opinion is that I hope I am wrong. Unfortunately what I have
read, seen or heard leans to the fact that I could be right.

I still hope I am wrong.

Peace Love Lemons
Daniel Downing

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