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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 02:45:24 -0700 (PDT)

Run. It's my first post.

Jo S. warbled:

>>>1) Chenna, if that is your real name, kiss goodbye to your job, 'cos
>>>your name is now on wire and PM know who you are (my, this is getting
>>>rather like X-Files, isn't it?).<<<<

She's the key figure in an on-going charade, the plot to conceal the truth
about the existence of a new U2 album. It's a global conspiracy, actually,
with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the
lives of every man,
woman, and child on this mailing list. So, of course, no one believes her.
She's an annoyance to the mailing list, a joke to her peers. They call her
Chenna, who allegedly has a job at a recording studio where U2 is allegedly
recording an alleged album and who now posts to Wire admittedly ridiculous
information, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the
fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits that this is all a load
of crap it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time...

Hail Carter.

IMHO, people who post "new album rumors" can go host an alien.

Some random items:

>>>I almost thoroughly agree myself that this "leek" is hard to believe.<<

For me, when vegetables learn to type is a time to open myself to extreme

>>Desire was at its most stripped down in Popmart. <<

It was considerably bare-boned, given that half the lyrics were missing.
"Something... uhm... ladeedum... [furious strumming] DESIIIIRE!"

>>Staring At The Sun was really stripped down considering the tour was that
>>which promoted the current album where SATS belonged.<<

Staring At the Sun was mutilated as an act of mercy. It was much more
powerful stripped buck nekkid than it was at the beginning of the tour. The
Menudo remix.

And that guy used the phrase "Stripped down" seven times in a one-paragraph
e-mail. That has to be a record.

NIKKI!!! frenzied:

>>Ya know what's amazing to me? U2 is really great therapy!<<

If U2 were therapy none of us would be here.

>>I don't know *what* I was goin' through, but I was confused, angry, sad,
>>just a total emotional weirdo! I couldn't organize my thoughts. <snip>
>>Then.... as I put in a U2 CD, and slipped the headphones over my ears
>>............. BAM!!!!!! It hit me. I felt peace.<<<

Damn, Nikki. If you tell me that U2 not only sures moodiness but cramps and
bloating, I'm never buying Midol again.

Ciao "No less than 10k per post" John asked us:

>>That is, would I also be "insulted"
if I saw Savage Garden or Third Eye Blind in concert copying
directly from U2?<<

It depends. It's nice when they acknowledge an influence (and in 3EB's case
access to an underage bellydancer). But when it's a poor imitation intended
only to capitalise on another band's success... It's kind of like how after
Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre popularized gangsta-rap on mainstream
television and Top 40 radio, hundreds upon thousands of similar "artists"
were immediately signed afterwards as the record companies scrambled to
market the hell out of this "new" phenomenon. As much as I like to hear a
band acknowledge U2 as an influence, such as Supersonic and Hootie and
Live, I would rather not pay to see a band do a poor version of a concert
I've already seen done right.

>><<Is there any doubt that Bono is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WHOLE


Younglust spaketh:

>><<What are some prices you all have heard U2 tickets go for?
I paid $300 for my front row seat at Montreal.<<

Forgive me, but *why*?

It's been my experience with buying U2 tickets that they are one of the few
bands you *don't* have to spent several hundred dollars on just to get a
decent seat. I never had to, anyway.

Next time I shall express my thoughts through interpretive dance.

That reminds me, if that bellydancer shimmy artiste is still lurking about:

Go put some clothes on, sweetie.


"Were you aware, through the ancient art of Tiea Bu Shan, you can train
your testicles to draw up into your abdomen?"

"Oh, I'm doing it as we speak."

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