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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 09:14:23 EDT

Hi all

I know the flame await me at the end of all of this but here it goes anyway. I
only read a handfull of posts every day and have had missed about two weeks
worth due to comp problems but i gotta get this out.

first U2 aren't gay period , end of story. Bono is an expresive person,
always has been alway will. He can't kee something like being gay hidden, and
just becuase we saw more emotion from Larry on this tour are you going to say
there is omthing up with him also? If they were gay it wouldn't matter a bit
to me, surprise me , yes bt turn me off to them, no.

U2 comparisons in other bands. first this happens all the time. I, being older
than uite a few in this group have seen this befor. many groups try to style
themselves after bands they grow up listening to. tons of bands were
influenced b the mucis they listen to and after being around for 20 years the
newer bands are trying to sound like the bands they listen to growing up but
now it's U2 instead of the Beatles. How many groups from the 80's have stayed
around, not many but some and U2 is a very infulential band in it's musical
style and lyrical style.

and as far as advertising instead of taking up space here get a web page and
hawk your stuff there not here. putting the address to your web page under
your signature is one thing and easy to skip if you want to skim over the
post. put you address there and if people are interested let them go looking
for themselves. If it's U2 stuff post it once a month and leave it at that,
advertising get togethers is something else but hawking CD's and such, well
this isn't the place there are trading pages for that,

and to all of you out there who just can't stand the "new" style that U2 has
gone into well here are two words for you Get out. I know i will get flamed
for this, but they wont change back to the way they were. I am the only person
out of about 20 or so that i know who love U2 can't stand anything they did
after JT and they say how much U2 sucks now, i tell them to kiss off and they
don't understand that without change you get stagnant and fizzle away.
U2's abiltiy to change is what keeps them around and interested in the music.
I could care less if they played washboards and jugs and spoons, they would
have the same passion. it's the passion that keeps me with them

Ok i am done gripping about all of this and await the flames

*POP for Peace*

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