U2 is cool and Savage Garden knows it.

Marlene Toledo ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 08:25:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Popers!
Just my .02 on the whole Savage Garden/U2 thing. I
remember reading somewhere (Roling Stone or Spin or
some other mag) that Savage Garden are HUGE fans of
U2. So how can you not expect them to pay homeage to
U2 in their own way. How is this guy acting like Bono
during his concert any different than one of us
walking around w/a Bono Man shirt and Fly Glasses.
BTW..have you ever seen the U2 cover band
"Unforgettable Fire" the lead singer looks liike Bono
and in a pic that I saw him is dressed like Bono. So
is that worst? No I don't think so we all LOVE U2 and
all have our own way of showing it. Some of us just
have all the regular albums and that's enough for
them and that's okay. It doesn't make them any less
of a fan. I own everyhting I can get my hands on and
keep U2 scrapbooks w/newspaper clippings, etc. But
that's just me. =0) And there are people who have
more stuff than me and that doesn't make them anymore
of a fan than me. I actually respect Savage Garden
for showing that they are not some stuck up rocck
group that it's all about them. They're showing that
they are fans just like we are. And if I was at the
concert I would have got a kick out of seeing this
guy act like Bono. I would have been like cool! This
is a guy who has taste. I think that this is a form
of flattery and not an insult.
Also realize there are alot of bands that like U2.
(i.e. Oasis, Pet Shop Boys, and Pearl Jam)
PJ once opened for U2 and Eddie Vedder came out w/a
fly mask and was badmouthing U2. After the concert
Bono talked to the band and told him how when they
were their age they were against everything too and
yada yada yada. Anywyas they wound up hanging out the
whole night and leaving hugging ea. other. They left
w/Vedder having a totaly new respect for Bono & U2 as
opposed to the original egomaic idea he had for them)
Just shows U2s affect on other bands and why they
would like them.
Oh well that was my .02
Ms. Spanish Eyes
Citi =0p

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