U2 helps get my head out of the mud, baby

cynthia d ross ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 13:55:11 -0500

I know exactly what you mean, Nikki! After our wedding last October, my
husband and I drove from Tx to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. Since we both
are U2 fanatics we played U2 the whole way there and back (25 hours each
direction). When we went through the Joshua Tree Nation Monument we, of
course, had to stop and take pictures. When we got to Las Vegas we got to
see where Popmart started. It was all very U2. : ]
So let's recap: got married in October (an album), went to LV, 50 hours of
U2, JTNM, and the stadium. Then a month later went to see Popmart in
Houston. Very cool. :]

Finding peace in the neon.

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