Irish politics and....are you a groupie???

MISS PATRICIA M HEFNER ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:43:14, -0500

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I've just read a post on the digest (sorry, I can't remember names from
the Digest that I had to download on my AOL program) about the
discussions of Irish politics. True, art does "imitate" life, and the
situation in Northern Ireland *is* life for many people. If something is
going on practically on the next street or across town, it's going to
impact you, and then you use your creative impulse to convey your
emotions. In the case of U2, of course, it comes across in their music
and any discussion of their music. Me, I'm complaining about a school-
funding tax law that the citizens of my county in the U.S. decided not
to put in my state constitution in a plebiscite yesterday!! :-) That is
*not* a war, but I'm seriously pissed off that it didn't pass. But
that's trivial pursuit compared to the NI situation!! :-)
        Have I ever been accused of being a "U2 groupie"? You bet. I'm
partially of Polish descent, (my dad's Polish, my mother's Irish) and
some of the other Poles in the neighborhood think I'm crazy when I put
on anything that's not Polish or Russian folk music. They've learned to
live with it--hey, if I'm going to do their folk dance costumes, I'm
going to listen to my faovrite rock group to get my mind off of these
damn deadlines--it's alot of pressure, especially since I have no margin
for error!! :-) Which reminds me, I have to work on this stuff now
dammit! OK, where is that "Achtung Baby" CD?


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