Daily Tally / have something extraordinary?

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 17:33:43 -0400

 Received today-

- Ian Brown - $40.00 CN (about $26.45US)
  Thanks, Ian, and thanks for the nice note! :)

 Are you in possession of some really wonderful U2-related item that you
would consider donating to the AI Fundraiser Auction? If so, email me!
Expecially sought-after are : good boots, older singles, posters not
previously hung, U2 condoms or videos! Anything signed would of course be
readily accepted, too! :-)

Email me w/questions!


Donate to Amnesty International NOW - Ask me how! The 3rd Annual U2
Mailing List Amnesty International Fundraiser is happening!! All U2 fans
are invited to participate - open to WIRE, EXIT, ONE, etc! Click here for
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