U2's mistakes?

Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:38:02 -0700 (PDT)

Another "oldie but goodie", and my two cents' worth....

On 26 Jun 98, "Mr.Beanerd" <[email protected]> asked:

> What do you think U2's biggest mistake was? (if any)

Off the top of my head:

--> Hiring Eamonn Dunphy to write the "authorized" bio of the band.
--> Signing with Michael Kohl & TNA to do the PopMart tour.
--> The K-Mart press conference.
--> Appearing on the cover of Time magazine.
--> Enforcing a ban on "professional" (35mm) still cameras at concerts.
--> And banning tape recorders at concerts, now that I think of it...

I guess it all depends on what you consider a 'mistake' - something that
makes sense in terms of the band's career or pocketbook (e.g., working
with TNA) may not be such a good idea in terms of more ephemeral things,
stuff you can't put into your bank account. You know--not just image or
reputation, etc., but even things like personal and/or long-term
relationships, can be negatively affected by otherwise "successful" deals.
As for conforming to the recording/concert industry's hostility towards
fans being able to take pictures and/or tape shows for personal use--this
doesn't benefit the band either professionally or financially, and only
serves to alienate and antagonize their most loyal audience...


Elizabeth Platt
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