Re: End of E-Bay Auction

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 21:47:54 -0400

>that's very special. don't let the bastard grind you down. CD-Rs are
>constantly on sell on e-bay, but your group was brought to e-bay's
>attention. Doesn't take much guessing to figure out who was behind that
>little piece of work.

 Well, if it was who I think you are referring to, Des (someone who wrote
to me the other day and said he wanted me as a friend, not an enemy...) it
was *really* a low act to rat out a charity auction! Thing is, the auction
won't stop just because eBay won't have it! AI will still get their money!
I hope whoever DID rat out a *CHARITY AUCTION* is very proud of themselves.

  Amnesty International gets paid - that's all.


 PS - *AND* we will probably cross the $1000.00 mark with the sale of these
very 'eBay- rejected' items! :-P"

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