Rumors-Don't expect an album till late 99!

Craig Heyrman ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 22:33:06 -0500

Someone wrote today a reply to the crazy rumor that the album was near
completion. What a strange dreamworld type email. I must admit the story
was very creative. The person who replied to that said that U2 has
tradionally only completed one song per month on recent albums. I totally
expect an album to be released sometime around August of 99. I would love
for them to release an album before that, however don't count on it. Be
realistic. Also, don't try to analyze their "style" of the new album too
much. Chances are it will have some more rocky type songs, but it will have
a variety. Remember, Pop had songs like WUDM, Please, Playboy Mansion,
IGWSHA, and If You Wear That Velvet Dress (Monica's Dress....hahaha). It
wasn't just a techno album like the media liked to think. And if this album
will be reported as a return to basics, don't count on it. On the upside, I
loved Pop, but the media didn't.

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