Discotheque (I just dont see it)

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 22:51:16 PDT

(This may have been done to death.....but oh, well)

  How many of you out there *DONT* think Discotheque is about drugs??
When I read that ppl thought it was,(somewhere in webland) I was a bit
suprised. Id been listening to the song for ages before I ever stumbled
across anyones interpretaion of it.......but I NEVER thought it was
about drugs. Discotheque? Drugs? (Not that my interpretation is any
more *correct* than anyone elses.....Im just interested)Hmmmm.
  I always thought Discotheque was about false love. This could have
something to do with the fact I havent had much(any) experience or
contact with drugs, and am naieve enough not to jump to drugs straight
away (You have no idea how long it took me to figure out "Bad" *lol*).

  Maybe it was the line "Looking for the one" (true love *so I thought*)
that made me think the "bubblegum" was false love. That ppl go to these
nightclubs(discos) etc to find love but end up going home with just
anyone.(The whole idea that ppl who are trying to quit smoking or lose
wieght chew bubblegum to stop their "urges".... and it hardly ever

  And then I read that Do You Feel Loved is about drugs......do ppl
think that the entire POP album is about drugs? (Not a criticism, just a

Im not coming down,
P.S. not comming down.........drugs......hmmmmmmmmmm

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