Re: Slick JT/Bono not arrogant

rob okorn ([email protected])
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 23:15:18 PDT

Actually lilith, not sure why you would use the word naive when I have
described facets of the JT tour as paradoxically adlibbing contrived
premediated notions, does that sound like rigid spontaneity, glad to
clarify your omission and blanket generalization.

You haven't come up with any examples of arrogance from Bono from say
'84 to '87, if you're going to make a blanket statement you should have
ample evidence, so can you give some factual examples of Bono arrogance.
It's as simple as that, no need for the attitude and chip on your
shoulder, simple facts would be fine, anything concrete. Let's see if
you could tame your complex and come up with something tangible that's
unequivically arrogant and not intentionally misconstrued.

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