Re: Musings Of A Cigarette-Smoking Woman

Lilith ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 03:55:29 -0400

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"Fiducia Nessuno" -- (not her real name I'm sure) sent in a fairly
intelligent and even amusing first post, which poked some gentle (IMHO,
always IMHO, so put the matches _down_) fun at some of the posts and
posters on Wire. Did she get a "Ha ha! Welcome to Wire!" greeting from
any of us? No she did not. "Anne" (this may be her real name) came out
with all barrels blasting, but not in a salutary kind of way:

> SNIP! Well, congratulations. In your first post, you managed to rip about 5
> people apart for no good reason. If this is all you plan to contribute to
> Wire, don't bother posting again.
> Please e-mail your response because (beyond this) I'm not fighting with you on
> Wire.
So, how was it? Pistols at dawn? Or was there a knife fight?

Hey, Fiducia (if you are still able to respond), welcome to Wire --
which is apparently under the guardianship of this "Anne" person. (I
missed that part of the Wire FAQ which said that humor was not allowed,
by the way.)

Not Her Real Name

I get bored, I do get bored, in the flat field......
                                                   - Bauhaus

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