my B-52s experience and U2 stuff at the Hard Rock

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:26:29 PDT

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I just got home from the B-52s' concert and I'm WIDE
AWAAAAAAAAKE! Still in my go-go boots, beehive, glittery make-up, and
everything. It was so amazing! THIS BAND! I loved them when I was 9
yrs. old, and I've been waiting for this night ever since! OK, OK. I
know. This is a *U2* mailing list. Well, just hold your horses, honey
child! The U2 content is a comin'. Just scroll on down to the U2
content if this stuff doesn't interest you. I only wanna share my
B-52s' experience with y'all, because I love ya Wirelings so much! SO,
tonight....... I think I made 50 million people smile. Some people even
laughed at me (actually it was *with* me), but HEY! At least I made
their night a little more enjoyable, right? Right! I love making
people happy! And I met all these drunk people who I kept runnin' into.
Every time I passed `em, they'd yell out "Austin Powers!" and some other
wasted people would go, "Yeah, baby!" LMAO! (Brian, my little zoostud,
you would have been proud!) I met a gorgeous drag queen too! He was
the only one who blew my outfit totally outta the water. I met so many
wonderful people tonight! INCLUDING a famous lady. Well, she's on her
way at least. Her name's Carla and she was on the Tonight Show w/ Jay
Leno last night (Tues. night). She's in the upcoming movie Snake Eyes.
She was in the flick Son In Law, and the TV show Spin City. She was
incrediblely sweet! I said, "I've gotta shake your hand! I saw ya on
the Tonight Show last night, and I think you're great!" She said, "Wow!
Thank you so much! Well, I'm Carla! What's your name???" She was
really interested. And hopefully when she's even *more* famous, she'll
never forget me (like she could, with that hair-do of mine!).

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe AND....... this one had loads of U2
stuff!!!! OHMIGOD! I got pictures! Two autographed War albums, a U2
GUITAR signed by all 4 fellas (which I touched, and even turned the
little tone knobby thingy!!!), AND a picture of Bono. ooooohhh. I got
a picture of me and my big hair under the sexy Bono picture. I'll
probably frame it! THEN, a waiter saw me takin' that picture and he
said, "Hey, we got another picture of him over here....." WOW! But,
unfortunately, it was taken down temporarily. aaawwww. No biggee
though. I saw plenty of U2 things tonight! :) Also, I was *supposed*
to work out a plan to meet a fellow Wireling at the front of the Hard
Rock Cafe, but the plans were screwy. :( I'm so sorry, KOmel! We'll
do it another time very soon..... I'd really love to!

Beware! Here comes more crap about the B-52s, so if ya gotta problem-o
with that, then MOVE ON, baby, to the next post. The Pretenders opened
for the B-52s. I've never been a huge fan of theirs, but they KICKED
ASS! Chrissy Hynde (that's her name, right?) was a red hot, tough
mamma-sita! They were great. THEN it was the B-52s. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
Our seats were mega shitty, but then we got some closer ones. Got lots
of pictures! THEN, at the end when they began ROCK LOBSTER, I went
dancin' down the aisle to get even CLOSER! Holy cow. I saw them
sooooooo CLOSE! And they all looked really great. Looked so young and
energetic *still*. :) HEY WAIT! I have more U2 content! The
guitarist, Keith Strickland, was doin' the Bono thang tonight. Well, he
mixed it a bit, but he was wearin' a cowboy hat, like the R&H Bono, and
he was wearin' sexy vinyl FLY pants. Ooooooh la la! NICE!

OK! I do have a moral to this long story. It's that it was a
WONDERFUL, kinda trippy concert, and I had a fabulous time.............
but it still wasn't HALF as great as the U2 concert. REALLY! No one
beats U2. But you all knew that already, I'm sure.

Ya know what? It's almost 4 am, and I have to work in the morning.
WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING?!? My goodness. OK. Although I'm so
awake, I'll just go lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling or
something until I fall asleep. GOOD NIGHT WIRE! I'm so very sorry if
anyone has a problem with me typin' so much on stuff that doesn't have
much to do with U2. But personally, *I* don't think it's a big deal.
It was just a totally wild night, and I wanted to share it with y'all.
Because I love you so much! Alrighty. G'night! ;)


"So let the people say we're down right
I just say we're DOWN RIIIIIIIIIGHT!"
                                - Fred Schneider

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