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Katrina Daniels ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 09:54:29 -0500

Aaron wrote:
>I got news from the POP archive today that the POP video is coming out
>in the US in October is this reliable...rumor?

Yes, Polygram has anounced there will be a popmart video coming out on
October 12. (In a perfect world, it would be Popmart San Antonio!)

Here's the actual list of videos to be released:

Three Tenors In Paris (PVL) Aug 17
All Saints (PVL) Sept 7
Shania Twain (PVL) Oct 5
B Adams Unplugged (VVL) Oct 5
Portishead (VVL) Oct 5
Cats (PVL) Oct 12
U2 Popmart (VVL) Oct 12
Boyzone Live (VVL) Oct 26
M Flatley Feet... (VVL) Nov 2
Spiceworld (PVL) Nov 2
Metallica Live... (PVL) Nov 13
Bocelli A Night In... (VVL) Nov tbc
Source: PFE
Release dates are scheduled only



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