Re: Bootlegs, Morality and Legality

Deseree Stukes ([email protected])
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 12:47:46 -0400

i stand corrected john,

yep, i know taping from tv from personal use is not breaking the law and
also personal pictures are also excluded. i should have added, if you
then trade or sell the recorded material from tv, they you are breaking
the law. and no, the FBI isn't going to start breaking down the doors
of u2 fans looking for their taped copy of the Simpsons. They are only
going after the big potatoes. My point is that whether you are targeted
or not, making huge profits or not, it is against the law. And i think
it's great there are folks out there sharing their U2 tapes (though i
doubt anyone's going trade with me from this point on :-). That's why i
have bootlegs. I've missed out 18 years of this band, so i enjoy
listening and viewing the history of the band.

interesting, i was just rebuked for airing my opinion on this issue and
told i obviously had nothing interesting to do last night. If you know
something is illegal, but you are of the opinion, well others do it so
it doesn't really matter, that is supposed to make it right? Like i
said i'm not criticizing anyone for buying trading or selling boots and
i'm upset that people do it.

well, guess i'll go back to posting about Adam's equipment. that seems
to be a safer topic ;-)


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