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This is a list (not complete for not to use too much space on wire)of u2
original live cd , it will be sent twice a mounth to
all the person interested in these stuff.
It will be fitted with new release , news and all the information you
need to know about these and future release .

[email protected]

Note that :
A)THIS list will not be sent to anyone that don't want it .
B)This messagge will be post to wire again not before a month for
who miss it now.


THANK U TOO FOR THE FIRE:2CD Recorded live in Milan, Italy at the Teatro
Tenda on 04/02/1985 + 9 extra tracks from Mannheim,Germany at the
Musensaal on 01/02/1985 (issued by Kobra rec.)
This was the first ever concert in Italy , Indian summer sky was played
and It happened only another time in the whole live career of the
band(Munich , Germany on the same tour ).Another highlight of this
concert is that Party Girl & Gloria are played without stop to play,and
bridge in the middle of the two songs is somenthing you can't listen
anywhere else , with Bono adding a couple of new verses to Party Girl
Larry begin to play Gloria.

TOP OF THE POP :2CD recorded live at the Kingdome in Seattle ,Wa, USA on
12/12/97+IYWTWD & WOWY from Soldier Field in Chicago,Il 29/06/97 (issued
T.rex rec.)
This is the last concert in the USA of the Pop Mart Tour .The cd
full show
, highlight of the concert is "40" after Wake Up Dead Man.

>U2 EN EL FIN DEL MUNDO : 2CD recorded live at the Estadio Nacional in
>Santiago,Chile.Soundboard quality , as you know this concert was
>by tv.This is probably the best show of the
>Pop Mart , highlight of the concert are Bad (that was played only a few
>times on this tour) and Mothers of the disappeard / El pueblo vencera
>the Mothers of the disappeared on stage shouting the name of theyr sons
>Bonus tracks are: Mofo , I will follow, Gone recorded live at the
>dell'Unita' in Reggio Emilia,Italy.These 3 songs have an incredible
>soundboard quality (they were broadcasted live from MTV Italy) .This
>concert it was held in front of 150.000 tickets
>holder , giving to U2 the new world record for a concert of a single
>band( no festivals or free concerts).Also the Beatles cover " Rain"
>at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona , Spain on the 13/09/97, found a
>on this incredible 2cd. (Issued by Kobra rec.)
>U2 live cd list ---POP MART 97/98
>FIRST NIGHT ON HEART: 2CD recorded live at the Sam Boyd Stadium Las
Vegas ,
>Nevada, USA on 25/04/97
>Complete premiere show of the tour with all the troubles you already
>.Extra traks from previous day rehearsals (also if the note on the
>says 25.04.97):Mofo , I will follow.This double cd comes in a very
>format with great photos and without jevel case but with a sort of
>pocket. It was issued in 500 numb.copies by Lizard.
>BOOM CHA! : 2CD recorded at the Jack Murphy Stadium , in San Diego,
>California on 28/04/97.Concert is complete . Extra tracks are:
>Holy Joe from the world press conference at the k-mart in N.Y.C. , NY,
>Usa on 12/02/97, + Pride from reharsals in Las Vegas 24/04/97.
>It comes in a strange format with a plastic pocket instead of the jevel
>case.It was issued by Lizard in 500 numbered copies.
>LEMON BREAK DOWN : 1CD not complete show ,recorded at the Valle Hovin
>Stadium in Oslo, Norway on 06/08/97.Issued by T.rex
>CATHOLIC BLUES : 2CD recorded at the Botanic Gardens in Belfast ,
>Ireland on 26/08/97.Snippets of "two tribes "by Frankie goes to
Holliwood is
>added at the end of "until the end of the world".Extra tracks are Miami
>from Oslo 06/08/97 and Radar love(karaoke) from Rotterdam
19/07/97.Issued by
>SHE'S GONE : 2CD recorded at the Landsdowe Road in Dublin ,
>Ireland on 31/08/98 . This was a very emotional concert , due the dead
>Lady D the night before.Highlight of the show are Pride with
>a speaking of Bono about the situation in Nother Ireland ,followed
>by Dirty Old Town with Bono changing the words in the second verse
>as "usual".Tin Lizzy's Whiskey in the jar is a karaoke that become an
>antem dedicated to the guy (Paddy) of the u2 favourite pub
>"The Dockers". MLK it was deadicated to Diana , It was an incredible
>I was there and there was many people in tears.
>All kind of everithing (karaoke), please and one/mlk are the extra
>from the day before.
>Another bootlegs exist of this concert and is "Pophome" , that cd is
only a
>copy of this one , so I guess" She's gone" it's the best being the
>one.Issued by T.rex
>FIRST CONCERT IN AN AIRPORT : 2CD recorded live at the Urbe Airport in
>, Italy on 18/09/98.Nice concert in Roma , a place where Bono feels in
>mood every time ,due being the place where his father and his mother
>theyr honeymoon.Highlights of the concert are snippetts of the
>"sweet thing" at the end of
>"All I want is you" and Madonna's "Into the groove" at the begin of an
>incredible version of "Mysterious ways".Extra track are IWF, Gone and
>from Valle Hovin,Oslo,Norway.Issued by T.REX
>150.000 : 2CD Recorded at the Festa dell'Unita' , Reggio Emilia ,Italy
>on 20/09/97.Historical concert that now is the biggest concert ever for
>band , like you understand from the title of this 2cd there were
>people. Highlight of the concert is "Please" probably the best in the
>tour.There was a great audience ,a great band ,so no way this is a
>concert.Extra track on the cds are MLK AND RAIN from Rotterdam
18/07/1997 ,
>DISCOTEQUE/WHOLE LOTTA LOVE from Rotterdam 19/07/97 and AIWIY from
>, Belgium on 25/07/97.Issued by T.REX
>SARAJEVO:2CD recorded at the Kossovo Stadium in Sarajevo , Bosnia on
>23/09/97.As you know this concert was broadcasted from the radio so
this is
>a soundboard recording.T.REX made a good work on recording and
>this release. Extra track is "PLEASE" from MTV
>Awards .Issued by T.REX
>Ciao Francesco

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