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(long.......arent they always? If this isnt U2 content I dont know what
is. Some of you might think this is pointless. Too bad.)

OK so I have a website (It's A U2*Life!!! On this website I have a
monthly survey. July's question was "Why Do You Like U2??". I knew it
was broad and difficult.....but hey I was not feeling all that creative
on the 30th June. Anyways one response I really identified with. Even
though I didnt *technically* ask for permission to post this.....I did
warn respondents that I might, and I am. Gav, if you didnt want me to
post ur answer,I'm sorry. Keep in mind if you reply to this that I didnt
write it.....I just liked it.

                  ****Why do you like U2??****

   "This is a question I have asked myself on many an occasion. Why U2?
Mostly because Bono has immense lyrical talent. He is unmatched in his
ability to write a lyric that touches not just you but everyone who
hears it Right There. It's a very rare thing, talent like that. That is
what mostly inspired me to like U2 - or fed fire to the spark, if you
like. My first U2 song was "Discothèque," or I should say it was the
first song where I knew it was some band called U2. On MTV I saw this
disco ball, and I like those so I watched. The first time through I
listened to the whole song. Then, being myself, the next time I saw it
on I focused on the lyric this odd man doing pelvic thrusts at the
camera was lip-synching. Granted "Discothèque" doesn't have the
easy-to-read meaning of, say "With or Without You," but I dissected that
song constantly. What did he mean, about "You know you're chewing bubble
gum/Yuu know what it is but you still want some?" I thought it (and
still do) a reference to drugs, the user knowing full well what he/she
is shooting up but needing it anyway. I found some sort of rightness in
it when I discovered my father's copy of The Joshua Tree and heard
"Running to Stand Still" and again when I bought The Unforgettable Fire
and played "Bad." Bono's talents for writing veiled as wellas open,
bleeding-heart lyrics is unmatched, I believe, by nearly any artist I
have heard.

  The next reason I got hooked was the different sounds of each album.
My first album was Pop. At first I only listened to the singles from it,
but then I eventually spun the thing through. "MoFo" was to me a great
rollicking electronica song, and I couldn't wait to hear the next one
because I assumed that after the first three tracks ran along the same
track, the album would too. It was how my other favorite artists did
albums, why should I think U2 to be different? But when I heard "If God
WIll Send His Angels" and the rest of the album (especially "Wake Up
Dead Man") I was literally stunned at the range of the band. When I
first lowered the needle of my dad's Joshua Tree LP, I didn't know what
to expect. I got the drone the preceeded "Where the Streets Have No
Name," but I thought it wasn't the song - I thought the needle had
gotten dust on it and wasn't running right. However, I continued my book
and waited. A few minutes later, I was rewarded with the rocking but
lyric-heavy song. It was then I became absolutely hooked on U2's music.
To this day, a year and a half since I bought Pop, I continue to find
new and exciting ideas and meanings behind Bono's lyrics and I now hear
the emotions and stories conveyed by Edge's guitar or Adam's urgent or
loose bass. Larry's bullet snare-drum drawing me in to the Hellish
landscapes of "Bullet the Blue Sky" paired with Adam's menacing bass and
Edge's Hendrix-esque, piercing guitar... Bono's growling and raw vocals
made "Bullet" a song I will never forget. It was and still is one of my
favorite songs.

Why do I like U2? Oh, I don't know... Maybe the drummer and bass player
are cute." [**MAYBE** the bass player is cute??????!!!!??]

  BTW the last comment [the text in square brackets] was mine. Gav didnt
write that. Just for the record.

  The mian reason I found that answer intriguing was that Gav actually
managed to get alot of why we love U2 into words. Some of it is still
_out there_ (and will never be articulated) but that was great.

Why do I love U2?? I can answer in one word: ADAM!!!
P.S. Well errrrrm thats not the _only_ reason I love U2.

"When I said I loved it, what I meant was 'I hate it' "- Bono (argh I
just realise considering my topic that ppl might get the wrong idea.
Bono was NOT talking about U2 when he said that lol)

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