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anna blume ([email protected])
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 13:01:58 -0700 (PDT)

hi there!!

just a few thoughts about the video of Discotheque and Bono & Edge.
today i watched the video of Discotheque, which i hadn't seen for a
long long time.
the beginning of hte video up to the line 'lovie-dovie stuff' reminded
me of a particular moment in the
video of "I still haven 't found what i'm looking for". it is when
Bono sings in the ear of Edge who's
playing the guitar. and edge remains cool while Bono sings in front of
his face.. i think this is very
it's about the same scene in the video of Discotheque. at the
beginning Bono and Edge spend some
time singing in front of each other's face, while edge is playing the

i know this is not of much importance. but these two scenes and more
particularly the one in
Discotheque emphasizes, in my opinion, the fact that these two guys
like to 'play' with each other. i
mean they seem to form a little team together, just like Adam and
larry form another. it is their long
lasting friendship which led them to that. and i think that 'intimacy'
which has formed in the band
should be considered exclusively as frienship. this is why i don't
understand very well why some
people see "repressed homosexuality" in the band. (between Bono and
Edge for example..)
i mean can you imagine what a 20 years' friendship must be? this is
something great because it relaly
is sincere. i envy them for that. (i'm only 22 so i don't know what a
20 years' frienship is). and i
admire them.

this leads me to conclude:
Long live U2!!!! may your friendship and the band last a few other
decades so that you'll make other
superpowerful music!!!!

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feel free to email me in order to discuss that.

ps: hello: Birdwell from somewhere in the US, Karine from paris,
Natalia from argentina, Gracia
from Brazil, Nichola from Ripon, Kevin from Australia, Henk from Delf,
Peter from Austria,
and the others i forgot,.... who are all great friends of mine and of
course u2 fans.....!!

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