Re: shopping mall/spam/and other related topics

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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 20:28:15 EDT

Hey there Wirelings,

  As Prarit said,"Here's my definition of spam:

   Ummmm, just a question for ya here, Prarit...what do
you think Wire is??? What, do you think someone asks people
to post ADVERTISING for things they are selling?? That's all Wire is
sometimes, ADVERTISEMENTS. Do you ask them to advertise
bootlegs, videos, and CDs and such? I sure don't. If you want to call
spam "unwanted advertising," fine, then I call most of Wire spam. Not
everyone wants to weed through the advertisements for boots and such,
let there be another ring for that. But, since I'm sane, I don't mind it
just the same that the advertising for the new U2 site wasn't unwanted
in the least. Maybe some of us out there would LIKE to know about new
sites coming out. Just a thought there, Prarit. Oh, one more question
if that was an unwanted advertisement for the site, then what do you call the
Who Needs Bathrooms posts you put on?? They're nothing but
advertisments for your site as well.

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