u2 and sock puppets

[email protected]
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 22:54:53 +0000

so i'm up late channel zapping, when i come upon "sifl and olly", this
strange sock puppet show on acid that mtv shows at 12:30 am. when the
show cuts to a commercial, they have this feature called "rock facts".
the question was - "what did the band u2 use instead of electricity to
power the recording of their early albums?" so i decided to take the
bite, and waited through the commercials to see what their answer
would be. show starts again, and while the screen says "answer: this
is about as true as atlantis", sifl and olly do a voiceover, saying,
"i heard they used fermented potatoes, to like symbolize the irish
plight, or something." just thought i'd share this bit of pointless
u2-related trivia with wire:)


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