Attn: all from Melbourne Hyatt

Charlene Grainger ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 13:59:37 EST

If you were at the Melbourne Hyatt, please have a look at this photo,
and let me know if you are in, or know the id of anyone who is in, the
Wire shot that I took on the Friday.
Am also trying to locate a lady who had a photo taken with the
SHAQUILLES and two other fans (one in a white ZooTV top, the other a
dark blue Lemon tee)
The photo:
Especially the two guys at the back (left of Briscoetheque)

Also, there is a record fair on at CAMBERWELL TOWN HALL this Sunday
(9th) - hope to see some of you there. A stallholder called STEVE
HARRISON is offering discounts on ALL U2 stock (specialising in PopMart
vids) to everyone on the Directory. I'll also have my PopMart Pics there
for anyone who missed out on the Swap Meet.

    See you there!


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