A new magazine online- August is Edge month

Holly B. Morgan ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 21:34:53 PDT

Howdy Wirelings :-)

I just turned up a site that promises to have a ton of U2 content. It's
a new online magazine- it should be worth checking out:

http://www.crowdtocry.com (pretty cool domain name! :-)

They're supposed to be launching the site on the 8th (Edge's b-day, if
I'm not mistaken :) and they're declaring August to be Edge month.

How do I know all this, you may ask? Well, it's one of those Bob's yer
uncle stories ;-) My brother Sean (hi Sean! He reads wire at work,
instead of working, of course ;) knows the brother of one of the tech
consultants who's working on it. They're promotion, apparently, has been
low-key by choice- I don't know if they'd be happy about me posting this
or not! I guess it's too late now :-) So, check it out- is should be
cool :-)

Wishing I had more time to contribute to Wire *sigh*
Holly B.

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