Re: Slick JT/Humble Bono

rob okorn ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 22:04:48 PDT

OK it appears lilith.exe was programmed with an attitude sarcasm complex
as well as some buggy babble, a little less overt than the 'slick JT'
aimless meandering into oblivion. So here's rob.exe, no tweaking
Arrogance, I guess you've magnified it exponentially to the nth degree,
beat it up over the head and kicked it to infinitim, you're taking it
way beyond the literal sense and simply drew conclusions on
non-conformist or strongly opiniated actions.

Anti-Meacham: I guess you have to be an american citizen to say what's
wrong with the US. He wasn't jumping on the bandwagon either, MLK
preceded the anti-Meacham allegiance by a couple of years.
Dylan written cover song: I guess adding a line to any cover song,
heaven forbid is grossly arrogant. I hope this was a red herring to
make me feel overconfident, if not, well...
LA 'Streets' vid shoot: they decided to cop the Beatles playing a
semi-gig on a rooftop, yes they leaked it, wanted to generate a decent
sized crowd for the video which turned out great. I guess they were
selfish for aiming for a great vid and pulling all the stops. It was a
cool rehash of an idea, I can't think of anyone else who calls the
Streets video arrogant. That area in LA along with the African village
Bono/Ali visited were inspirations for the 'Where the Streets Have No
Name' track.
Yuppie vandalism: Sure it was a dumb thing to do, they were filming the
event for possible inclusion in 'Rattle and Hum',I'm sure the publicity
on San Fran helped spur sales fo tickets for the LA and Oakland shows
days later which had thousands of unsold tickets. U2 flew in the
sculptor of the art from Quebec and Armand didn't mind, U2 wound up
paying for the restoration. Even being cynical and looking at the
publicity angle and the 'Rattle and Hum' factor, you're taking it way
too superfically. It's like 'how dare you spray paint some rock, what
audacity for a non-american to top it off'. Chill and don't exaggerate.
I guess Bono was beyond arrogance when he apologetically states 'thank
you, appreciate your patience' after a lukewarm received Springhill
Mining Disaster.

Hopefully the buggy lilith.exe won't run another endless loop sequence.

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