A Celebration/Early B-Sides on CD?

[email protected]
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 23:14:00 -0700

hi everybody -

i'm one of these fans without the capability to copy my own cd's (yet). i'd
like to have some of these older U2 b-sides like "things to make and do",
"a celebration", "another day", etc, on a cd for obvious reasons. the only
access to these older songs i have is on the 45's that i've collected (and
these old irish cbs releases cost a small fortune,geez!!!!)!!! if anybody
has a compilation of older b-sides on cd, that they want to let go of (not
sell, of course) for a "processing fee", or a possible trade, let me know.
one item that i am considering trading for another worthy item is my copy
of the us promo 7-trk cd entitled "U2 previously". e-mail me if you can


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