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Lilith <[email protected]> wrote:

> Here, some examples of what may be called "arrogance" --
> or at least bone-headedness on the part of Bono and Co.,
> from the Joshua Tree tour:


> Having their tour made into a major motion picture. (Not that this
> was a _bad_ thing -- but it was hardly an expression of seemly
> modesty and spotlight-avoidance.)

well ... I think that they were in the spotlight =)

and I add that, at least here in Mexico, there are a lot of people
that really believe that R&H was a blessing when it was in our
cinemas ... Probably you were (and are) sick of seeing them in the
screen. For us - and for me - R&H used to be the only way to see
them in concert, JT era =)

could possibly appears as arrogance in the USA, since you had the
whole tour. but there's a world outside the USA ... =)

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