Re: Bootlegs are they ethical?

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 15:36:16 +0200

Hi all,

Josh Faul aka Slicer <[email protected]> wrote:

> One can always bring up the point that U2 has no interest in releasing
> the concerts to the public therefore by making and selling bootlegs one
> isn't stealing profits from the band or the record company. While this
> is true it still doesn't change the fact that it is illegal. Maybe U2
> themselves don't care about bootlegs but I'm sure that Polygram does.
> And since U2 are under contract with them Polygram would have the final
> say in matters such as these.
True, but we all know, that U2 owns all their music copyright,....
So, I think if the band don't care about bootlegs, there is no reason why
Polygram should care about them too.
I'm not sure about this.

> To me it would make sense for U2 to record all their shows from the
> soundboard and then make them available to the public through mail
> order. This would completely eliminate bootlegging and it would ensure
> that fans get a good product at a fair price. Plus it would mean extra
> income for them.
Hey, that's a great point!!!. It would be too cool!!!
Maybe someone should suggest it to PM :))


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