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Fri, 7 Aug 1998 13:36:36 EDT

I know a wise man once said "never argue with a fool. Those observing may not
know the difference." But I feel I need to clarify a few misstatement and lies
from such a person.

Joel Tanner, Mr. Clueless posted:

>>Excuse me? Did I stop you from uploading? The delay is no one's fault but
your own. Not that most people here care that it WAS delayed. Oh shucks, it
was delayed? My world and every other Wireling's is crumbling beneath our feat

Well, anyone who wants to see the DATE when it was registered can go to and type u2mall and verify that you registered the domain
name AFTER we started sending the emails (bad idea for some in hindsight) and
posting. We had told our provider (Xs4all) that we wanted that name, they
wrere in the process of doing the registering.
Joel saw that is the name we wanted, checked and registered it. He claims he
never intended on using it, merely wanted to get our attention (read:
spiteful). Water under the bridge now, but just some FYI anbout the type of
person he is.

Mr. Clueless continued: >> a more subtle, less ego driven fashion. (trust
me on this one, I have learned from past experience). This was then when I
said "sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride" , which was referring to my plans
of how I was going to assist you in the design and launch of your site. If
your going to quote me, why not tell the whole story, eh?<<

Oh. have you? You did tell us also that the whole attraction of interference
was the "enigma, the mystery of who was behind it"

>>Oh! I'm scared! Chuck, please, I was never angry because of something a
receptionist from Principle Management said. It's very pathetic that you need
to check with PM about everything you do... don't you have your own judgement?
If this is true about "going it alone" after that incident, then you have been
boldly lying to me every time we speak. For the past several months you have
been telling me how much you, sander, and Zooropean as a whole were looking
forward to working with Interference. Another continued lie I presume?<<

I can assure you that I do not speak with the receptionists only. My contacts
are very well placed. Another ASSumption on your part, Joel. We do check out
facts, that is what a good journalist does. Maybe if you had respected PM
wishes more, you might not have the crap reputation you do with them, as well
as Polygram.
I continued to communicate with you only asking for my CDROMS back (whick I
can presume you have stolen since you have promised to send them for 5 weeks

>>Excuse me? Is this an assumption that I have no plans to utilize it? I did
get your attention didn't I?<<

I think it is obvious by your boring, overly flashy, underwhelming site that
keeping a site maintained kicks your ass. Why start another with
when Interference is so banal and devoid of content (other than what Deseree
does for you)?
As for bogus single comment, it is. You have paid no fee to the agency to use
samples or rerecord and material. Zoo2 has paid it all legally and rightfully,
and everything on our site has been paid for, even dowloads. So, as nice as
the song may be, it is illegal, and the BOGUS copyright clause on your site is
not only misleading, it is illegal.

>>I'm truly glad that I have seen your true colors over the last few months
and I am very pleased that I will not be in any cooperative effort with you or
your magazine.<<

But up until a few days ago when you found out about our site you wanted to
work with us. WE chose not to work with YOU. I am thankful I had suspicions
about you and checked it out with PM.
Everything we did on our site, including learning HOW was done in the past two
months. We are still learning and the mall will always keep evolving. Unlike
you, Joel, we do not claim to know everything. Our motive is not merely
profit. If people go and have fun online fine, if they chose to buy or not is
their choice.

I invite everyone to compare our site:

with his

Decide for yourself. I will not acknowledge his replies anymore. Please email
in private and keep this off Wire in the future.
 I apologize again for this Jerry Springeresque row online.

Peace, :o Love, :) and lemons, :*

Chuck Anderson

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