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Fri, 7 Aug 1998 16:47:24 EDT

1.) Elena Espinoza <[email protected]> wrote re: i woke up
<<he stared back at me, sometimes hidden behind the shades, sometimes naked
<<as adam (...), sometimes seductive as sex, sometimes all grown up and
<<knowing it. but he looked back at me, same as always, loyal, understanding,
<<patient. and i breathed with relief that i should be so lucky.
Is it warm in here or is it me...???

2.) [email protected] wrote re: Does it really matter? :
<<Cool is so dumb, and if U2 isn't as COOL as the Spice Girls, so
<<be it - I prefer it that way.

<<You know what I mean?
Yeah, I know. There's more for US (actual fans) that way :o)

3.) "John J. Hlavaty" <[email protected]> wrote re: Set-List??
< wrote re: Bono as a chameleon
<<Rob said:
<<>Is anyone real eager to see another Bono character or clched parody/pose?
<< Errrr yup I am. I enjoy them. I find something in them that is fun,
creative, energetic, <<vital.
*gasp!* U2, the most serious band in the world...having FUN?!?!?!? We can't
have THAT, now can we?!?!? *chuckle* Actually, I agree with you fully. I
LIKE to see them having fun. I like to think that they get just as much
enjoyment from the music and EVERYTHING surrounding it as I do...

<<Rob said:
<<>you watch and can't help but think, OK some more contrived b.s.
<< But the last thing on my mind is "some more contrived b.s."........maybe
Im wierd, <<maybe I love U2 too much, maybe I need a therapist.
You are not wierd, there's is NO SUCH THING as loving U2 too much, and you
don't need therapy. You're not the only one... :o)

<< But I prefer to enjoy myself than refuse to enjoy myself because of these
type things.
Yah, I don't get these people who refuse to listen to a certain type of music
because of what it IS. "Oh, I never listen to Top 40" or "I refuse to listen
to new U2 because they're so COMMERCIAL now..." Please, people!!! Just
because something has been cursed with a label, it need not be dismissed...but
I digress :o)

<< I dont especailly care who did what first......U2 is doing it now and
bigger/better/with a <<slightly different Edge (hehehehe). So are we going to
critise U2 cause they didnt come <<up with the whole concept of "rock"? Or
even cause they didnt invent "music"? Sheesh. <<Get over it.

Hear me comin' Lord, hear me call...hear me scratchin', will you make me

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