Re: Humble Bono

^Mr. MacPhisto^ ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 18:37:19 EDT

This is only my opinion but I think Bono deserves to be a tad arrogant.
Obviously, most of us on WIRE think they're great so why shouldn't he?
There's a huge difference between being honest and being an egotistical
maniac. An example being Muhamed Ali self-proclaiming himself to be the
greatest boxer of all-time every time he opened his mouth since that's
all he thought about. Bono, when prompted, states that U2 is simply one
of (if not "the") best bands in the world but he also talks about a
million other things that are just as important to him. And quite
honestly...what the hell do you expect him to say? That U2 is average at
best? Bono's just being truthful and relaying how he feels and, for
what it's worth, I couldn't agree with him more :)


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